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ncis_fic_rec's Journal

Post, Discuss, Enjoy

NCIS Fanfiction Recs
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Looking for good NCIS fic or know a good one everyone should read? Come here and post.
NCIS fanfiction Recs is a new community where anyone can share, discuss or search for well written and entertaining NCIS stories. You may also post questions to other readers if you have a story you're looking for, but can't find.

All genres, including Gen, Het, slash, femmeslash, etc. are allowed. All ratings are included, but please be certain to provide appropriate warnings for adult-based content.

There are only a few rules for posting:
1. Please use LJ cuts for long posts.
2. No profanity allowed outside of an LJ cut.
3. Title, Author name, rating, genre (Gen,het,slash,femmeslash and etc.),a brief summary and why you recommend the story are required when posting stories or links to stories. Additional info such as word count, pairing and spoilers are not required, but strongly recommended.
4. Self-pimping is discouraged, but allowed if the story has been beta'd.
5. Please use this community to post only NCIS fiction or discuss NCIS stories.

Warnings will be given should any of the above rules be violated, but failure to revise posts that violate any of these rules will result in that post being removed from the community.

Other than that- Have fun fic posting and hunting!

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